Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Stanley Thompson Book Coming in Christmas

I plan to publish a book on the five great commissions of Stanley Thompson at the end of this year. I’ve researched and written most of the book. There is a small amount of additional research required before I can finalize the content, but I’m very close.

The focus of the book will be Thompson’s best work; Jasper Park, Banff Springs, St. George’s, Capilano and Cape Breton Highlands.

I will introduce you to the origins of each project, the key people involved, walk you through the routing, share the plans he produced, explain the changes he made in design, introduce you to his key people, detail the challenges he faced during construction, show you exactly what he built and explain what happened in the first few years.

The book will feature approximately 50 historical images and plans per course. Almost every hole on all five courses will be seen just after opening day. There are photos of each site before any work is done, hundreds of construction photos and even a few promotional images done after completion. The intention is to journey back to the 1920’s and 1930’s to see first-hand what each course was initially like.

I will have some significant surprises to share.

The book begins by explaining how he changed his approach as a designer leading up to Banff Springs, then ends with a series of individual holes to understand his design choices and techniques used in these commissions.

My intention is to print a small run of books specifically for those individuals interested in the architecture of Stanley Thompson. When the book is ready for printing, the book will be pre-sold in advance.


  1. Ian, can you put me on your list for one of the books - thanks.
    Greg McMullin

  2. Looking forward too the book Ian. I know a few Thompson fans that will be looking forward to this!

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